Medical Auditing

We provide medical audit specialists with an in-depth understanding of healthcare, cultures, systems and processes to support your organization’s objectives.

Medical auditing supports an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity to support and improve an organization’s operations. Specifically within the healthcare industry, this may involve reviews of coding practices, policy and procedures, medical record documentation, and general administrative procedures. 

Benefits of Medical Auditing:

  • Identify root causes and provide insight to prevent future errors
  • Ensure regulatory and/or contract compliance to reduce audit exposure
  • Gain data analytics on your costs and reimbursements
  • Minimize your overall risk through a detailed risk assessment


  • Internal or external reviews of coding accuracy, policies and procedures to ensure efficient and compliant practices
  • Testing of new or upgraded electronic health systems and population health management support tools
  • Hospital bill auditing, third party defense, employee benefit plan audits, TPA audits and workers’ compensation review
  • Support of internal audit, risk management, business office and patient advocacy support
  • Types of audits include: compliance, operational, information systems, revenue cycle
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